Who we are

VibroCast™ Technology, the perfect solution for the production of prefabricated elements for all kinds of infrastructures, whether they are roads, tunnels or bridges.
The solid experience of VibroCast™ is crucial in providing our customers with the most suitable solutions based on their own specific investment requirements, logistic conditions and production needs: dedication, professionalism, experience and flexibility are always at the forefront.

Our technology and the related benefits can be described in 3 keywords:

  • increase in productivity
  • economic savings
  • highest quality of execution
  • Brilliant Italian design, high quality, ease to use, reliability, adaptability are all words which lead you to think about our plants and equipment.
    We pay close attention to the needs of our customers, using the innovative technical solutions implemented on our equipment; therefore, we meet the widest range of requirements and to produce tailor-made molds upon request.

    Our technology stands out for these remarkable advantages:

  • HIGH PRODUCTIVITY: this technology provides high production with less personnel and in less time while ensuring excellent levels of the product.
  • MANPOWER: the use of a VibroCast™ machine requires only one operator, assisted by a forklift operator for feeding the machine with concrete from the mixing plant and handling finished products after setting.
  • VERSATILITY: all VibroCast™ machines are self-propelled and it is required only a flat surface to begin operations. For their installation they do not require civil engineering works.
  • QUICK PRODUCTION CHANGEOVER: with a tool-less quick coupling system, molds can be changed in only 10 to 20 minutes.
  • HIGH CONCRETE MECHANICAL RESISTANCE: our vibration casting system uses low water/cement concrete ratio (w/c < 0,40) to easily achieve compressive strength values of 50 to 60 Mpa.
  • COMPLEX MOLDS: VibroCast™ can provide the most suitable solution to the customer requirements’, even for very sophisticated molds, finding the ideal technical answer at the most affordable price.