Complementary accessories

Demolding oil

Many and various tests allowed us to reach excellent levels in terms of quality and the speed of demolding of the element. The VibroDem demolding oil assures high performances with almost all variety of concrete.


VibroCast™ provides the customer with several complementary attachments that helps the installation of the elements.


A range of accessories supplied to meet the extremely diverse requirements, like buckets for the loading with hydraulic or mechanic hatch, with a capacity from 0,5 m3 to 1,5 m3.


Accessory which is absolutely necessary for the production of elements on several different stacks. The plates assures two great advantages:
-flatness of the element in case the customer doesn’t have a flat level surface.
-high productivity even if the customer does not have great areas for the line production.

Male/female couplings

Male/female rings become necessary everytime you need to produce elements with peculiar joints.

Press device

Device needed in case of production of elements with male/female couplings. The press installed on the top of the vibroforming machine assures a better compaction of the concrete, creating at the same time the gap for the male/female coupling on the top of the element.


This device assures the real-time detection of possible electric and electronic faults directly from our service center.
So all of this translates into an extreme reactivity in case of possible breakdowns resulting in a drastic reduction of downtime.

Lifting equipment

VibroCast™ provides a range of lifting tools easily adaptable to a wide range for elements.