Centrifuged poles


It is essential to provide customers with the best solutions based on their specific budget availability, logistical conditions and production requirements.


We are able to meet the largest number of customised mould production requirements. Its advantages can be described with 3 key phrases: Optimising productivity, saving money and increasing the quality of the end product.


Its benefits can be described with 3 keywords: Increased productivity, economic savings, the highest quality in the final product.

Centrifuged poles

Supply of Italian centrifuged concrete piles system, pilots for foundations, piles for overhead lines, centrifuged reinforced concrete sheet piles and formwork for piles, including equipment such as: centrifuges, concrete distributors, formwork handling trolleys, demoulders, spiraling and stirruping machines for the preparation of the steel reinforcement of the centrifuged poles.

Each plant can be customized and designed according to the customer’s requests, offering dedicated tailor-made solutions for every production need.

The centrifuged plants can manage the production of prestressed or reinforced concrete poles for power transmission and distribution lines, as well as the design of foundation poles and pillars, of any shape, length and size.

Processing with the lowest water / cement ratio allows to increase the final strength of the concrete without compromising its compactness and adhesion to the internal steel molds.

Centrifuged poles


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