It is essential to provide customers with the best solutions based on their specific budget availability, logistical conditions and production requirements.


We are able to meet the largest number of customised mould production requirements. Its advantages can be described with 3 key phrases: Optimising productivity, saving money and increasing the quality of the end product.


Its benefits can be described with 3 keywords: Increased productivity, economic savings, the highest quality in the final product.


VibroCast™ offers molds mainly dedicated to an immediate demoulding technology to be installed on vibroforming machines, vibropresses and block machines, therefore using dry or semi-dry cement.

The molds are highly customizable to particular customer needs, which can be made both for VibroCast™ machines and for other brands, even for vibrating tables and for casting molds.

The molds are made with sturdy steel material and are designed to transmit vibrations to the concrete in a uniform way, ensuring high productivity and maintenance of the characteristics over time.

The molds can also be complex and equipped with numerous hydraulic actuators that operate valves, sides, movable parts, hooks to hold the steel cages and male/female rings, etc.

The molds can be implemented with steel matrices or plastic and rubbery materials in order to impress shapes and geometries on visible faces, even for double-layer elements.

High-frequency vibratory motors mounted on the mold allow to obtain vibrated concrete products with excellent mechanical characteristics.

The distribution of vibrations in the steel structure is carefully studied in the design phase with FEM analysis.

Typical products that can be made with the VibroCast™ molds for vibroforming machines and block machines are:
concrete blocks, concrete planters, concrete curbs, road curbs, concrete New Jersey, highway barriers, concrete wells, concrete boxes, concrete wall covers, concrete bricks, parking bollards, covers for low walls, concrete fences, concrete pipes, concrete manhole covers, concrete poles, light poles, concrete septic tank, Imhoff septic tanks, concrete channels, drainage channel, concrete posts , concrete edging, rings with socket joint, concrete fence posts, concrete slabs for fences, road slabs, paving blocks, self-locking, concrete manholes, concrete plinth, concrete base for posts, pillar bases, Lego block, exposed concrete blocks, double-sided split blocks, blocks for retaining walls, concrete urban furniture, prefabricated concrete channels, lintels, manholes, cones, lids, tiles, cattle slats, grids, Jomb plates, concrete slabs …

Based on the availability of our customers we can find used molds.


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