Pipe machines


It is essential to provide customers with the best solutions based on their specific budget availability, logistical conditions and production requirements.


We are able to meet the largest number of customised mould production requirements. Its advantages can be described with 3 key phrases: Optimising productivity, saving money and increasing the quality of the end product.


Its benefits can be described with 3 keywords: Increased productivity, economic savings, the highest quality in the final product.

Pipe machines

Concrete pipe machines for the production of reinforced or not reinforced pipes, round, pre-bed, box culvert, jacking pipes, special items (pipe extension, rings, cones and other items) even with HDPE lining.

Supplied in single or double workstation.

Fully automatic production cycle approximately between 2 and 4 minutes depending on the diameter.

Concrete feeding by means of 2 independent belts controlled by inverter and its distribution made by hydraulically operated blades.

Quick and easy replacement of equipment as the molds and cores do not need to be adjusted as they are mounted on support plates. Each core is complete with its complete vibration system.

This type of machinery requires construction works for which total assistance is provided.

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