Vibroforming machines


It is essential to provide customers with the best solutions based on their specific budget availability, logistical conditions and production requirements.


We are able to meet the largest number of customised mould production requirements. Its advantages can be described with 3 key phrases: Optimising productivity, saving money and increasing the quality of the end product.


Its benefits can be described with 3 keywords: Increased productivity, economic savings, the highest quality in the final product.

Vibroforming machines

VibroCast™ machines are vibroforming machines, designed and manufactured in Italy, for the production of concrete products by means of vibro-compaction inside interchangeable molds. Both the machines and the molds are highly customizable according to the customer’s requests and are offered in multiple sizes based on the product they have to make. The self-propelled machines do not require particular infrastructures and are highly productive thanks to the continuous demoulding technology that can be managed by an operator. Stationary machines can be integrated into automatic fixed systems that optimize the spaces of the production cycle by working on movable platforms. The machines are designed to be easily managed and are characterized by easy-to-interpret touch operator panels, which can also be controlled remotely in case of need for assistance.
In the case of machinery integrated into a fixed system, VibroCast™ supports the customer in all the components of the system, including the platform manipulator, the mother-daughter trolley, the construction of the warehouse and all the part related to the management and control.
The infinite levels of customization, transfer and handling systems all designed and customized according to the particular needs of the customer based on the required productivity and the space available, granting precision with high performance.
Based on the availability of our customers we can find used vibroforming machines.


Vibroforming machines

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